Every month, we put together a rundown of the news related to what is happening in the world of fintech. Enjoy!


Bitcoin Mining Consumes More Electricity Than 20+ European Countries Bitcoin continues to storm into mainstream adoption with surging price rates, while new research indicates the popular cryptocurrency now consumes more electricity than 20 countries in Europe and 159 individual countries. It’s electric… Read More


10 of the Most Innovative Fintech Firms Right Now, According to Research – CNBC lists the most innovative fintech companies around, based on research by auditing behemoth KPMG and venture capital investment firm H2 Ventures. Not surprisingly, China is host to 3 of the most innovative fintech firms in the world. Welcome to the fintech effect, friends. Read more


No, Blockchain Won’t Solve Ad Fraud – Blockchain. It’s the No. 1 buzzword of 2017. Bitcoin is skyrocketing, Ethereum is here to stay and year-over-year growth in initial coin offerings is at an all-time high at over 861%. Yet, Forbes is convinced that Blockchain is not going to help solve the ad fraud crisis. You mean, Blockchain isn’t the answer to everything that’s wrong with the world? Read More


Guess Which Digital Payment Method is Most Popular (Hint: It Isn’t PayPal) – Digital payments are the wave of the future, and the future is arriving more quickly than you might think. The total transaction value of digital payments is forecast to top $738 billion this year, but PayPal isn’t out on top the wave this time.The dynasty of credit card companies is coming to an end and Apple Pay is controlling the tides. Read More


What Fintech Success Looks Like; the Power of Women United – Some influential women in banking have banded together to discuss the “magic” of fintech, talk about some trends in business banking, and other areas that need to be addressed in today’s workplace. (ie: respect, let’s say it a little louder for the people in the back.) Read More


Artificial Intelligence Has Officially Infiltrated the Fintech Industry – When artificial intelligence peaked its head out from behind the curtain and became public knowledge in business, there was a general freak out among people about all the jobs that would be lost to robots. AI has officially entered the fintech industry, but never fear, the future of AI-driven fintech is an innovative one that will create a whole lot of new jobs for humans. No need to bow down to the robot overlords anytime soon, earthlings. Read More


Amazon is Invading Finance Without Really Trying – Amazon has invaded the turf of traditional banks without even offering any financial services. Instead, the titan of e-commerce is reshaping how the financial industry works through its mammoth cloud-computing business, Amazon Web Services. AWS is the biggest provider of cloud computing, which has massively lowered barriers to entry for financial startups and allowed them to compete with their prime (ahem) competitors. Read More