Breakthrough full-stack DLT solutions settling information and payments instantly on any device. Integrates with existing systems and fully compliant.



AI based virtual insurance agents to attract and retain the millennial consumer.



Leverages prebuilt rules and data models to make it an end-to-end analytical and reporting solution with 100% data lineage.



ID-Pal is a digital KYC solution that enables businesses to onboard their customers, either in-person or remotely, in a matter of minutes.



James is a one-stop shop for Credit Risk Management, that allows you to easily create, validate, deploy, and monitor regulation-ready, high-performing predictive models.



The first actionable income optimization and financial empowerment tool for the massive and rapidly growing independent workforce.



PayKey enables banks to engage with their users and provide them access to any banking service just when they are needed most – while engaged inside social interactions.



SafeChain is a blockchain solution that eliminates title fraud in the real estate market through an efficient title processing program.



Online payment/finance system for schools and educational nonprofits. Schools and organizations get a robust SaaS solution, and parents get a simple web/mobile app to instantly pay for their kids’ aftercare, donations, athletics, etc.